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Saving Energy: The Biggest Energy Vampires in Your Home

Some appliances disproportionately use a lot more electricity than others. This may sound harmless at first but these energy vampires can band together, resulting in a dramatic increase in your energy bill over time. If you’re keen on building an energy-efficient home, you don’t want that. 

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The 3 Most Common Problems Found During Home Inspections

Becoming familiar with the most common problems found during a home inspection can help you save money on repair costs in the long run. Knowing the most common problems can help you spot the warning signs more quickly and call in a contractor to fix them sooner, preventing relatively minor issues from becoming serious and…

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How a Roof Inspection Can Save You Money

Roof inspections are often neglected and only performed when there are noticeable signs of damage to the roof. However, the fact is that many roofing issues could be avoided if the roof were regularly checked by a professional.

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Why Sewer Lines Can Back Up in the Winter

A sewer backup can create a health risk, so it’s important to understand how sewer backups occur and learn how to prevent them. This is especially important in the winter because the cold temperatures make sewer backups more likely. In today’s post, Optima Home Inspections, the top home inspection company in our local area, explains…

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