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How a Roof Inspection Can Save You Money

Roof inspections are often neglected and only performed when there are noticeable signs of damage to the roof. However, the fact is that many roofing issues could be avoided if the roof were regularly checked by a professional.

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Why Sewer Lines Can Back Up in the Winter

A sewer backup can create a health risk, so it’s important to understand how sewer backups occur and learn how to prevent them. This is especially important in the winter because the cold temperatures make sewer backups more likely. In today’s post, Optima Home Inspections, the top home inspection company in our local area, explains…

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Common Reasons Behind Roofing Service Calls

A lot of homeowners make the mistake of not addressing roofing issues until the damage has already spread to other parts of their home. Unfortunately, some roofing problems are more serious than they may at first seem. Below the roofing and radon testing experts at Optima Home Inspections list the most common reasons behind roofing service calls.

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