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How to Combat These 5 Energy Vampires in Your Home

What are energy vampires? Many household appliances affect your electricity bill more than you know simply because they remain plugged in 24/7. In this post, your trusted home inspection and radon testing experts share five energy vampires you’re likely feeding in your home.

How to Combat These 5 Energy Vampires in Your Home

Hair Dryers and Other Grooming Tools– These are easily some of the most common but least suspected culprits of energy vampirism. Hair dryers, curling irons and electric shavers are often left plugged in, but in doing so, you leave your home vulnerable to electricity drainage. Make it a habit to unplug these devices to significantly cut back your electricity bill.

Kitchen Appliances– Most people leave their kitchen appliances plugged in all day, every day. These appliances include toasters, coffee machines and blenders. Though they may only use around 1 to 3 watts of energy when turned off,  this can add up over time if you’re careless.

Televisions and DVD Players– TV and entertainment systems such as DVD players, Wi-Fi router, and gaming consoles drain plenty of energy iwhen eft plugged in after use. These systems account for 7% of electricity used all across America. To cut down on your electricity bill, plug all related devices into a power strip and power off the strip whenever they’re not in use.

Home Office Electronics– One of the bigger energy vampires is your home computer–While you may put it in sleep mode overnight instead of shutting it down, leaving it plugged in 24/7 can drain wattage when not fully turned off, so it’s best to turn off your computer and unplug it when you’re done using it.

Portable Fans– Fans  might seem like a necessity, but they drain plenty of energy. People who sleep with their fans on for eight hours overnight raise heir electric bill significantly, especially if they leave them on during the day. Your best option is to find ways to make minimal use of the fan and find other ways to cool down.

Energy vampires can be a major problem if left unattended. You can trust Optima Home Inspections to schedule your home inspection along with other services such as termite inspection. Call us at (845) 849-1369 or fill out our contact form to set up a consultation.