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Saving Energy: The Biggest Energy Vampires in Your Home

Some appliances disproportionately use a lot more electricity than others. This may sound harmless at first but these energy vampires can band together, resulting in a dramatic increase in your energy bill over time. If you’re keen on building an energy-efficient home, you don’t want that. Saving Energy: The Biggest Energy Vampires in Your Home

Here are the appliances you should watch out for, according to the radon testing experts at Optima Home Inspections:

Old Refrigerator Models and Outdated HVAC Systems 

Your refrigerator and HVAC system combined account for a significant portion of your energy bill. Older models consume even more electricity even though their heating and cooling capacity is lower than that of a more recent model’s capacity. A lot of homeowners forget there is a cost to not replacing old, inefficient models. In this case, it’s carried over to your energy bill. 

Appliance-Shopping Tip 

If you’re considering buying a new model, make sure to look for the ENERGY STAR® label. Only appliances that have met the government’s stringent performance standards have this label. Try looking for refrigerator models and HVAC units with energy-saving features—they might cost extra, but they’re usually worth it in the long run. 

Gaming Consoles 

Don’t forget to turn off your gaming consoles after you’re done using them. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, forgetting to turn off your gaming consoles can add as much as $100 to your energy bill. If you plan on resuming your game, set the gaming consoles to power-saving mode—newer models do this automatically. 


Individually, chargers might not contribute much to your energy bill, but what they consume can quickly add up. If you tend to forget to unplug your chargers, environmentally friendly charging platforms and power cords would be a smart investment. These platforms and cords automatically shut down once your devices are fully charged. 

Energy-Saving Tip

An energy audit can pinpoint the other electricity guzzlers in your home. If your utilities bills keep increasing even though you’re using appliances less frequently, it might be worth scheduling an energy audit. 

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