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The 3 Most Common Problems Found During Home Inspections

Becoming familiar with the most common problems found during a home inspection can help you save money on repair costs in the long run. Knowing the most common problems can help you spot the warning signs more quickly and call in a contractor to fix them sooner, preventing relatively minor issues from becoming serious and affecting other parts of your home.

The 3 Most Common Problems Found During Home Inspections

These common problems include:

1. Roof Leaks and Other Structural Problems 

Since it’s your home’s first line of defense against the elements, it’s no surprise that roofing leaks are one of the most common problems found in home inspections. To prevent otherwise minor leaks from causing additional moisture problems in your home, homeowners should have their roof inspected regularly and after an extreme weather event. 

It’d also be a good idea to ask the contractor about the estimated lifespans of roofing materials. For instance, asphalt shingles, the most common kind of roofing material in the country, usually lasts between 15 to 25 years. As your roof ages, it becomes more vulnerable to all kinds of damage. As such, you should start planning for a roof replacement as your roof is nearing the end of its estimated lifespan.

2. Termite Infestations

Moisture problems and pests problems, especially termite infestations, usually come hand in hand—there’s a reason why dampwood termites are called rotten-wood termites, after all. This species of termites thrive in wood with high moisture content. As such, if you find leaks or damp spots in your drywall, it’s recommended that you schedule a pest inspection in addition to a standard home inspection. 

3. Inefficient Heating and Insulation 

Issues with the heating system as well as insufficient insulation are fairly common as well, but most homeowners only notice them when their utilities bill starts to spike. By then, it will have been already too late to minimize energy consumption, lessening the ROIs on HVAC repairs. One way of detecting inefficient heating without having to rely on examining your past energy bills is to schedule an energy audit

One more thing: it’s easy to miss the warning signs, so you should only hire experienced contractors to do an inspection for you. It takes a trained eye to spot all the signs of damage, after all. 

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