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What Type of Service Calls Do Roofers Typically Attend To?

Roofing companies cater to multiple service appointment requests on a daily basis, which is why reputable contractors encourage their clients to schedule a roof service call for the convenience of everyone involved in the process. But you might be wondering, what exactly keeps roofers so occupied?

What Type of Service Calls Do Roofers Typically Attend To?

Today’s article from radon testing specialist and roofing expert Optima Home Inspections gives you an idea of what roofers do on a regular basis by listing the most common reasons behind roofing service appointments.

Roof Leaks

Roofing leaks are probably the most common type of roof damage that homeowners encounter and roofers deal with. Whether it’s brought on by particularly heavy rainfall or water intrusion from the interior of the home, roof leaks can cause major damage if left to fester.

Old Gutters

Gutters that are in dire need of repair or replacement due to old age or neglect top the list when it comes to the types of roofing services roofers perform. Of course, it could be that the gutters are merely clogged, in which case a simple cleaning out of the blockage would suffice. However, if the gutters are irreparably damaged or sagging to the point that they can no longer function, replacement is the only feasible course of action to take.

Regular Maintenance

There doesn’t necessarily need to be something wrong with a roof to warrant a service call. Often, homeowners who want to keep their roofs in peak condition will schedule regular roofing maintenance to avoid potentially costly repairs down the road.

Termite Infestations

Wooden structures such as roofs are especially vulnerable to termite infestations. Termites usually thrive in damp environments, but if they’re able to find their way into the roof of your home, they’ll thrive there as well. Termite infestation and damage can be prevented if detected early on.

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