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Common Reasons Behind Roofing Service Calls

A lot of homeowners make the mistake of not addressing roofing issues until the damage has already spread to other parts of their home. Unfortunately, some roofing problems are more serious than they may at first seem. Below the roofing and radon testing experts at Optima Home Inspections list the most common reasons behind roofing service calls.

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A Quick Guide to Roof Inspections

Regardless of how durable your roof is, it’s bound to suffer damage in some form after an extreme weather event, which is why you should always inspect it after a strong storm. The roof replacement experts at Optima Home Inspections have compiled a step-by-step inspection guide for you below. 

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Why Fall is the Best Time for a Home Energy Audit

Everyone knows adding green features such as argon-filled windows to your home can increase its energy efficiency, but it can be hard to determine exactly how much of an increase you’ll see. If you want to optimize your home’s energy efficiency, you’ll need a more accurate estimate, and the only way to get one is…

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