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A Quick Guide to Roof Inspections

Regardless of how durable your roof is, it’s bound to suffer damage in some form after an extreme weather event, which is why you should always inspect it after a strong storm. The roof replacement experts at Optima Home Inspections have compiled a step-by-step inspection guide for you below. 

Safety First 

Always prioritize your safety. Don’t go outside if the weather hasn’t yet cleared up or you see power lines down. 

Do a Visual Inspection from Ground Level

You should be able to see extensive roof damage from ground level. Look to see if there are shingles and other pieces of debris scattered about your lawn–this should give you an idea of the extent of the damage. Don’t forget to check the roof’s soffit and fascia as well. 

Check Your Interior for Water Damage 

Next, check your interior for any signs of leaks. If water managed to infiltrate your roof during the storm, the first signs of water damage will most likely appear in your attic. 

Document All Signs of Damage 

Don’t forget to take note of any signs of damage you might find. If you have home insurance, you’ll need these notes when you file a claim with your insurer. 

Check Your Roof

If the weather permits, check your roof for any missing shingles. However, for your safety, we strongly recommend leaving the actual roof inspection to a qualified contractor. Another reason why this is the best plan of action is that some signs of roof damage are subtle and can only be spotted by a trained eye. 

We also suggest scheduling an inspection as soon as the storm has passed—the longer you wait, the higher the likelihood that the damage will worsen, affecting other parts of your house. If your community was hit by a particularly intense storm, a whole home inspection may even be better. After all, your roof might not be the only part of your exterior that sustained serious damage. 

One More Thing…

When scheduling your home audit, make sure to choose a reputable contractor. Remember, always vet a contractor before hiring them. 

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